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Partnership between Ludwig-Erhard-Schule and Ekurhuleni-West-College

South Africa
The partnership between LES and Ekurhuleni-West-College (EWC) extends back to 1996, only two years after the end of the Apartheid in South Africa.
Ekurhuleni West College is situated in Gauteng Province and evolved to a giant vocational college for further education and training with ca. 16,000 students. EWC operates within a broad band of diverse communities and comprises of the following six campuses: Alberton, Boksburg, Germiston, Kathorus, Kempton and Tembisa.
Each year nine students of LES have the opportunity to take part in this exchange program. The participants can gain a wide range of new experiences and learn new skills without feeling like being at school.
The core program of this 3-week-stay in South Africa includes the following items:
One-day-visit to each campus and analysis of the national vocational training system.
Visit to the Apartheid museum and getting to know modern South African history.
Tour through several Townships (Soweto, Alexandria, Tembisa) and analysis of their developments.
Getting to know eco-tourism as an economical factor.
Four-day-tour across the Kruger National Park with lectures on flora and fauna of the host country.

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