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Staatliche Berufsschule II
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E-Mail: ludwig-erhard-schule

Schule ohne Rassismus - Schule mit Courage


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Leonardo-da-Vinci Project

European College of Business and Management, London
Last but not least in this series of co-operations with foreign partners is the European College of Business and Management (ECBM). The ECBM is the officially accredited college of the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce (AHK) in London.
The ECBM is specialized in the provision of customized Business and Management programs by working in close partnership with employers and UK universities.
The college has grown to be a highly respected and successful provider of education and training in an English speaking environment.
For 13 years the college in London welcomed numerous apprentices from LES each year on customized short courses, the topics of which were e.g.
Finance and Trade in Europe,
The Housing Market in the UK,
Labour Markets in the European Union,
Globalisation in the European Union.
Moreover a professional development program for teachers was successfully established in co-operation with LES.
It has developed strong links with a number of UK universities which allows it to provide the benefits of fast track and high quality education to its students
The college in London co-operates with UK universities, Chambers of Commerce and UK companies in order to offer internationally recognized and European-wide accredited qualifications (e.g. Bachelor and Master programs).
All our projects are an important contribution for overcoming inhibitions when using a foreign language and for a self-confident appearance in business world.

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