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Staatliche Berufsschule II
Theresienstraße 15
90762 Fürth
Telefon: 0911/9977 40
Fax: 0911/9977 444

Außenstelle Kapellenstraße
Kapellenstraße 45
90762 Fürth
Telefon Lehrerzimmer:
0911/9779 7069
Telefon Sekretariat:
0911/9779 7269

E-Mail: ludwig-erhard-schule

Schule ohne Rassismus - Schule mit Courage


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> Introducing Ludwig-Erhard-Schule

Introducing Ludwig-Erhard-Schule

We are a state vocational school located in Fürth, Middle Franconia, Bavaria (Germany) providing the so-called “dual vocational” training system, which combines part-time vocational school with practical work experience in German enterprises. The vocational training system is laid down in the “Berufsbildungsgesetz” and structures the shared responsibility of the state, the unions and Chambers of Commerce and Industry. State vocational schools do not charge any admission or school fees. Our staff consists of 54 teachers working full time or part time.

College equipment:
We have about 35 classrooms, which are all equipped with one PC, an integrated projector and an overhead projector. In addition, there are 6 multimedia classrooms with computer facilities for every student.
We keep an electronic record of our class register, which enables our teachers to easily keep track of students’ attendances, educational content and many more items.

Organization of training
Training at state vocational school is employment-based, i.e. students have a fixed-term contract of employment with a training company AND attend vocational school within the contract period. There is a probationary period of usually three months during which the training company has the right to release the trainee without cause. Similarly, the trainee also has the right to withdraw from the contract. Students attend vocational school either on one or two days per week or for two-three weeks as block instruction.
The regular period of training is three years, however, a reduction of up to 12 months is possible – depending on the secondary school leaving qualification and marks/performance level at vocational school and at work.
Educational background of students:
Certificate of Secondary Education (“Hauptschulabschluss”) - nine years at primary school and secondary school); equivalent to American “Junior High School” education
General Intermediate Certificate of Secondary Education (“Mittlerer Bildungsabschluss/Mittlere Reife”) - ten years at primary and secondary school
equivalent to British GCSE o-level (General Certificate of Secondary Education – ordinary level), equivalent to American “Highschool-Diploma”
Specialized Higher Education Entrance Qualification (“fachgebundene Hochschulreife (Fachabitur)” - twelve years at primary and secondary school or two years of full-time college combining general education with a specialized field of study, e.g. economics or social care; equivalent to the British GCSE a-level (General Certificate of Secondary Education – advanced level), roughly equivalent to American “College” education
General Higher Education Entrance Qualification “allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur)” – 13, respectively 12 years at primary and secondary school or two-three years full-time general education college

For most job qualifications employers require the General Intermediate Certificate of Secondary Education as a minimum educational background.
Job Qualifications recognized by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
We provide qualified education for a variety of recognized occupations that require formal vocational training and are certified by the German of Industry and Commerce.
Management assistant in retail business (Kauffrau/Kaufmann im Einzelhandel)
Management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade (Kauffrau/Kaufmann im Groß- und Außenhandel)
Office management assistant (Bürokauffrau/-kaufmann)
Management assistant in office communication (Kauffrau/Kaufmann für Bürokommunikation)
Industrial business management assistant (Industriekauffrau/-kaufmann)
Bank business management assistant (Bankkauffrau/-kaufmann)
Management assistant in informatics (Informatikkauffrau/-kaufmann)
Management assistant in IT-systems (IT-Systemkauffrau/-kaufmann)
Management assistant in real estate (Immobilienkauffrau/-kaufmann)
Management assistant in public administration (Verwaltungsfachkauffrau/-kaufmann)
Human resources services consultant (Personaldienstleistungskauffrau/-mann)
We are a center of excellence for a couple of qualified jobs (management assistant in real estate, human resources services consultant), i.e. the Ludwig-Erhard Schule is one of the few centers of education for this field of study.
Teaching subjects at vocational school:
Specialized subjects – depending on the type of training
General subjects:
controlling, accounting
social studies
computer courses (MS Office, etc.)
(French optional)
Religious/ethical education
Physical education
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