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Leonardo-da-Vinci Project

Language Class at the ADC College: Students perform a communicative language activity

Work Experience in Greater London
The Ludwig-Erhard vocational school has broken new ground with their 2012 Leonardo-da-Vinci project “Work Experience in Greater London”. After completing a one-week language course at our London partner organisation, the ADC College in Harrow, Middlesex, 15-20 trainees from a variety of economic sectors (e.g.wholesale and foreign trade, industry, information technology, real estate and human resources) are given the chance to work through an internship with London-based companies for two weeks.
In line with their stay in London the placement students not only exhibit their English language knowledge very well, but also give proof of sought-after business skills: high motivation, flexibility and openness towards new challenges. Thus, their experience gathered make a contribution towards coping with global global challenges of their future employments.
During their stay in London the LES students are accommodated close to British everyday-life: host families in Harrow receive them cordially and take good care of everybody.
It is one of the requirements of the European Union funded “Life-long learning” programme to prepare the selected participants thoroughly for their stay abroad in evening courses. First of all, they have to set up their individual CVs and letters of motivation in English. The skills and responsibilities mentioned there form the basis for our partner organisation ADC College to find matching work placements with London-based companies. Moreover, an online course “Intercultural Competence” (“Moodle” platform) is held in addition to five preparatory face-to-face meetings at the Ludwig-Erhard-Schule. There the participants have to fulfil different tasks, e.g. getting to know the City of London, providing information on the Metropolitan area of Middle Franconia, dealing with stereotypes and typical British euphemisms, just to name a few.
After completion of the three-weeks stay in London both the students and the ADC College/employers give feedback on detailed aspects like efficiency of overall programme management, quality of work placements and friendliness of host families. Usually all students return home happily with increased self-confidence and trust in their communication skills. The 2012 Leonardo project “Work Experience in Greater London” was rated “excellent” by the Nationale Agentur Bildung für Europa beim Bundesinstitut Berufsbildung (NA-BIBB) in Bonn and was assigned the label “good practice” in addition.

The LES Leonardo Group 2012 proudly present their certificates, issued by the ADC College

Some trainees at their London work places (March 2012):

Jessica Häußinger and Christina Karp worked for „BtoB“, a business-to-business company which delivers exceptional projects and events that help SMEs to grow and develop.

Anna Andres at “ADRA UK”, an Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

Sebastian Müller at “Major Estate Agents” in Wealdstone.
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