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Staatliche Berufsschule II
Theresienstraße 15
90762 Fürth
Telefon: 0911/9977 40
Fax: 0911/9977 444

Außenstelle Kapellenstraße
Kapellenstraße 45
90762 Fürth
Telefon Lehrerzimmer:
0911/9779 7069
Telefon Sekretariat:
0911/9779 7269

E-Mail: ludwig-erhard-schule

Schule ohne Rassismus - Schule mit Courage


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> Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The atmosphere at our school is characterized by mutual acceptance, praise and appreciation.
Conversing friendly and full of respect is of key importance to us.
Contemporary schooling environment
We keep classroom-equipment up-to-date in cooperation with our cost-bearer and even strive for extension.
Teaching: Subject-specific, profound and versatile in method
When it comes to imparting content, we put emphasis on topicality and practical relevance. Trainees contribute their practical experiences.
Teachers regularly attend subject-specific seminars for continued education to safeguard our high quality standards of teaching. Teachers and trainees have an open mind about economic and social developments.
We do justice to the diverse personalities of our students by implementing various methods of teaching.
A close cooperative partnership between students and teachers is important to us.
We also collaborate successfully with our partners in education – the training companies.
Our teaching staff is prepared to solve problems together.
Our strong Point: International Relations
For many years we have been offering our students exchange programs and twinnings with educational institutions in foreign countries.
Students as well as teachers gain international experience to cope with the ever-increasing European and global linkage of our domestic economy. They get to know countries and people – with their cultural diversity. Thus students can apply and deepen the language skills acquired in class.
Life-long Learning
Our students have to steadily adapt to changing parameters in their jobs and in society. That is why we promote self-determined and life-long learning.
Our students should help shape society dedicatedly and constructively.

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