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> Study Abroad Programs > Exchange with Northern Ireland

Comenius Project in the UK

Exchange program with Northern Ireland
Another well-established partnership has existed since 1995. To promote the European process of growing together, LES and the South-West-College (SWC) in Northern Ireland started a Comenius funded bilateral exchange program.
The South-West-College is in size not less important. It has 18,500 student enrolments, is involved in a number of European projects and has a staffing complement of some 500 full-time staff with a similar number of part-time staff.
Within the Comenius project cycle of two years, the objective is being able to work together on one particular subject. A team of roughly 20 LES and 12 SWC students analysis an issue of economical or social-political relevance for both countries. Over the last years project themes such as “Globalization of the Workforce” and “Ageing Population in Europe” were chosen.
In the first phase of the project the coordination between the two teams takes place over web-based means of communication. In order to finalize the project the teams come together in each country and they present their results. Finally the students draft a so called final product showing the outcomes in videos, brochures or slide shows.
Besides the project work the LES staff attaches importance to analyzing a different VET system, conveying the modern history of Northern Ireland and promoting a cultural exchange between the students.

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